The Collaborative Paintings Of Young Sons

Michael Ricioppo drew liverman painting

Michael Ricioppo drew liverman

Drew Liverman

I’ve known Drew Liverman longer than most other people in my life. Since the age of 14 we’ve gotten into all sorts of trouble together. At times we’ve lost touch for a year here or there but I feel a special connection to him that only happens when you spend your formative teenage years skateboarding and getting in trouble for graffiti together. One thing has been made clear over the last two decades of friendship with Drew. This guy is a creative super talent. I’ve always admired Drew’s creative abilities with anything that he takes on, whether it be our teenage graffiti shenanigans or his raw ability to jump from design, illustration, or painting with ease. With that said it’s no wonder that Young Sons,¬†Drew’s latest collaborative project with Michael Ricioppo¬†is also a visual feast.

Young Sons takes the concept of collaborative painting to new heights. Mixing a cornucopia of visual references from abstract expressionism to saturday morning cartoons, Ricioppo and Liverman work back and forth in unison and with intuitive speed canceling out, editing, and adding to one another’s marks. The result is a controlled chaos of line and form that is a bold mix of stream of consciousness and disciplined control.

See the work of Young Sons at Mass Gallery in Austin Texas through November 24th 2013 and read Andrew Bourne’s interview with them on Bomb.


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