Eduard Bezembinder’s Collage Art Seamlessly Combines Disparate Imagery

bezembindercollage8 bezembindercollage collage art

I couldn’t find much about Dutch artist Eduard Bezembinder‘s work (most likely due to a language barrier and a seemingly sparse but fun website), but his Flickr page is full of interesting painting, drawing, graphic design, and collage art. Additionally, his Saatchi profile claims he is “one of the first art bloggers.” I love these particular collages because the image integration is nearly seamless, which increases the absurdity to be found in these juxtapositions. Heavily featuring a mix of mythical, classical, and pop culture elements that represent interactions between the animal and the human, these collages are both nostalgic and humorous. (via feru leru)

collage art collage art 2 bezembindercollage14 bezembindercollage13 bezembindercollage12 bezembindercollage11 bezembindercollage9 bezembindercollage7 bezembindercollage6 bezembindercollage5 bezembindercollage4


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