Website Builder Made With Color Presents: Annelie McKenzie

Annelie_McKenzie website builder



Beautiful/Decay has partnered with premiere website builder Made With Color  to bring you some of the most exciting contemporary artists working today. Made With Color allows you to create a website that is professional and accessible with just a few clicks and no coding. This week we bring you the thick and gooey paintings of Annelie McKenzie.

Los Angeles painter Annelie McKenzie doesn’t delicately paint the figures in her works with thin transparent layers of paint. Instead she wields her brush and palette knife with abandon covering every square inch of her painting (and decorative frames) with brilliantly awkward paint handling. Dealing with themes of art history, gender, craft, and kitsch, McKenzie mixes high and low with thick globs of paint all the while referencing, acknowledging, and sampling compositions and techniques of the painters that came before her as well as her contemporaries.

Annelie_McKenzie_3 Annelie_McKenzie_4 Annelie-caravag Annelie-Kauffmaninvention Annelie-McKenzie_diana1 AnnelieMcKenzie_dragon AnnelieMcKenzieKauffman2 AnnelieMcKenziepoisonedlady AnnelieMcKenzietiepolo

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