Unbelievable Photographs Of The Human Eye

Suren Manvelyan photography8Suren Manvelyan photography2 human eyeSuren Manvelyan photography4 human eye

The subject of Suren Manvelyan is so basic to photography it seems to hardly ever be captured individually.  While typically considered as “windows to the soul” in art, Manvelyan’s series considers the beauty of the human eye simply as a biological structure.  Eye colors are especially vivid in his images.  However, it is the texture of the eye that is especially arresting.  The iris seems like an alien terrain or some or some sort of cosmic object contrasting with the black void of the pupil.

Suren Manvelyan photography5 Suren Manvelyan photography9 Suren Manvelyan photography10 Suren Manvelyan photography7 Suren Manvelyan photography1 Suren Manvelyan photography6 Suren Manvelyan photography3

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