Collages That Technically Balance Disparate Imageries

strngillustration7 strngillustration10 strngillustration12

The artist known only as strng on Flickr creates technically impressive and visually compelling collages. He combines imagery from human, animal, natural, and mechanical worlds into one image. Elements that don’t seem to have much in common become a part of each other, and strng illustrates these startling images in such a way as for them to appear natural or ordinary. Part of this involves strng’s aesthetic, which is resonant with the pages of anatomy and biology textbooks.

strngillustration13 strngillustration11 strngillustration9 strngillustration8 strngillustration6 strngillustration5 strngillustration4 strngillustration3 strngillustration2

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  • loi

    it s a collage

  • Eliash Strongowski

    wow, thanks for sharing. My full portfolio is here:

    And yes, this works are collages.