Giant Colorful Silk Screened Paper Installations

Dominique Petrin installation7 Dominique Petrin installation5

Dominique Petrin installation4

The installations of Dominique Pétrin are visually overwhelming.  Images, patterns, and designs seem to cover every as much available space as possible.  Walls are plastered from floor to ceiling often even covering ground.  Her expansive installations overlay the outsides and insides of buildings alike.  Pétrin accomplishes her pieces by using large silk screened panels of paper.  The imagery recalls an internet of the early 90’s – a time when the overabundance of information and imagery the web had to offer was only beginning to come clear.

Dominique Petrin installation6 Dominique Petrin installation1 Dominique Petrin installation3 Dominique Petrin installation10 Dominique Petrin installation8 Dominique Petrin installation9 Dominique Petrin installation2

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