Bernard Roig’s Sculptures Capture The Destructive Potential Of Light


Bernard Roig’s light sculptures capture a particular strain of ennui. While the idea of light tends to evoke a positive or uplifting feeling, Roig recontextualizes this element as a burden to his sculptures’ human subjects. Sometimes light crushes or imprisons this man, or seems to be a goal that will never be reached. The man is usually sculpted in white, brightening the effect of his subjects’ dissolution. Roig’s work addresses the boundary between the connect/disconnect of our culture’s relationship to light. “Today we are living in an atmosphere saturated with images, but the experience that they produce has a low intensity. Now it is ever more difficult to give meaning to an image. We are subjected to light, a light that dissolves the outlines of things, a white light within which everything fluctuates.”

RoigSculpture11 RoigSculpture10 RoigSculpture8 RoigSculpture7 KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA RoigSculpture5 RoigSculpture4 RoigSculpture3 RoigSculpture


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