Kris Kuksi’s Churchtanks

Kris Kuksi sculpture4 Kris Kuksi sculpture5

Kris Kuksi sculpture1

The work of artist Kris Kuksi has a decidedly consistent style.  His amazingly intricate sculptures are often dark, reference both the classical world and the industrial landscape, and comment on religion and politics.  His Churchtanks series, though, seems to especially encapsulate his philosophies.  Kuksi seamlessly fuses gaudy cathedrals with modern war tanks to create one imposing structure.  In a strange way, the aesthetics of each seems to compliment the other.  Kuksi effectively uses the structural blending to comment on a connection between religion and violence.

Kris Kuksi sculpture2 Kris Kuksi sculpture3 Kris Kuksi sculpture6 Kris Kuksi sculpture10 Kris Kuksi sculpture7 Kris Kuksi sculpture8 Kris Kuksi sculpture9

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  • Awesome. Reminds me a little bit of the artwork/lore from the Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k universe (a tabletop war game with some strong religion-inspired factions a player can choose to play).

  • 101st Cadian

    For the Emperor!

  • cnaeus

    I agree… I wish Warhammer 40k figures were designed by Kuksi!!