The Cookware Sculptures of Adeela Suleman

adeela suleman sculpture13

adeela suleman sculpture7

adeela suleman sculpture6


The art of Adeela Suleman is built of common cooking utensils found in her home of Karachi, Pakistan.  Suleman utilizes objects such as strainers, measuring spoons, tongs, and enamel pots among many others.  While many of her pieces appear organic, others seem to be a form of armor or helmet.  She juxtaposes traditionally domestic tools with the appearance of items of aggression and physical protection.  Perhaps, a reminder of physical abuse directed against women as well as the absurdity of violence.

adeela suleman sculpture10 adeela suleman sculpture3 adeela suleman sculpture2 adeela suleman sculpture11 adeela suleman sculpture12 adeela suleman sculpture5 adeela suleman sculpture1  adeela suleman sculpture8 adeela suleman sculpture9 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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