The Haunting Paintings of Maja Ruznic

Artist Maja Ruznic paints what she remembers.  Ruznic acts in a literal way on the idea that remembering is a creative process.  Painting from experience and filling in the unknown, her paintings feel like their plucked directly from the middle of a narrative.  Speaking of the way past experience plays into her creative process Ruznic says:

“Sometimes I am drawn to someone’s hands, to one’s rhythm of speech, to one’s constant checking of their cell phone.  This interest usually serves as an incentive to begin a painting.”

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Haim has a polished new video and are supporting Florence and the Machine’s arena tour of the UK.

Twin Shadow, Summer Camp, St. Lucia, and Milo Greene were just some of the shows I had to arrive early to so I could see sisters Este, Danielle, and Alana, collectively known as Haim (they’re surname) rock out! They released their Forever EP earlier this year and have been performing non-stop ever since. With every new show came a more composed and powerful group as well as a throng of adoring new fans. They just completed their first European tour and are heading back out to support Florence and the Machine on her arena tour of the UK. Tickets are still available via Ticketmaster for Haim’s headlining date at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday, Dec. 15th, but their homecoming show at the Troubadour in West Hollywood on Dec. 19th is completely sold out.

Check out their video for Don’t Save Me that had over 200,000 views in just two days and make sure to pre-order a copy of their limited edition single via Neon Gold before it sells out.

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Lana Dumitru’s Art Inspired Hyper Fashion

Lana Dumitru is a Romanian fashion designer who creates surreal futuristic clothing. There are classic references to Dali and O’Keeffe but the majority of her work adresses the hyper saturated digital age of information. Things get meta with garments made up of repeated images of her models wearing pieces she designed. Seen elsewhere are giant zippers that are printed and non functional. Her collections combine the stunning and the absurd as a way to revitalize. Lana’s models are wearing her influences on their sleeves and helping to push the boundaries of the fashion world.

The Miaz Brothers’ Blurry Painting Portraits

When you first look at the paintings by the Miaz brothers, it doesn’t seem like there is much to see. A blurry collection of colors forming an incoherent image. Everything seems far away and out of focus. But something draws you to look closer, perhaps the fact that you can’t immediately comprehend the paintings when you see them. Their lack of detail demands additional attention, and you find yourself scanning them again and again as you put together the larger picture. Colors and patterns begin to stand out, and details slowly emerge. That demand for closer inspection draws you in, and makes you closely examine a painting, that at first glance, seems almost empty.

Stacey Rozich’s Macabre Folk Tale Paintings

We have featured Stacey Rozich‘s delightfully macabre paintings (here) in the past. She continues to explore various themes with her pattern clad creatures and masked figures. Her work is mostly fantastical although she occasionally delves into the mundane. Her characters can be seen wrecking cars, shooting rifles, playing records, and consuming alcohol. This is a welcome addition to her scenes of magic and mythical beasts in the midst of various adventures.       

Philadelphia Dream Pop Duo Lockets And Their Debut Album Camera Shy

Lockets – Winter Light from Lockets on Vimeo.

I happen to come across Philadelphia duo Lockets while searching for records online at Rough Trade. I always laugh when I discover American bands on British sites, but that’s exactly what happened the other day. All I had to read from Rough Trade’s description was, “stunning dream pop which aches with bittersweetness”, and I was instantly hooked. Lockets are vocalist Dani Mari and multi-instrumentalist Todd Mendelsohn and yes, comparisons to Cocteau Twins and Beach House are inevitable, but I still can’t stop listening. You can listen to and download their album Camera Shy on their website and pre-order the very limited vinyl (only 500 made) that comes out in the US on Dec. 4, 2012 on Beautiful Strange.

If you happen to be in or around the Philadelphia area, tickets are still available via Ticketfly for their show on Dec. 6, 2012 at the Barbary opening up for St. Lucia who I recently caught this past summer at the Echo in Los Angeles and loved! Check out the their latest video for Winter Light and pre-order their debut record here.


Daniel Palacios’ Visualized Sound Waves

Artist Daniel Palacios‘ sculpture nearly seems alive.  A length of rope is attached at to a machine at each end and spun.  The spinning rope creates waves against a black backdrop, which are also audible as the rope cuts through the air.  Visitors entering the gallery and their movement then influence the rope’s wave.  The more a visitor moves in front of the installation, the more chaotic the wave pattern.  It’s interesting to note a visitors surprise or sudden discomfort upon realizing their influence on the wave.  The sculpture not only reveals a viewers impact on sonic surroundings, but also concretely presents also seems to eerily acknowledge each viewers existence in space and movement.

Stephanie Tillman, Embroiderer

Stephanie Tillman‘s designs match a subject, often an animal or two, with a matter-of-fact line of text. She applies the imagery to postcards and prints, but the embroideries are the most successful in capturing a sense of earnestness behind them. All handmade by the artist herself, each piece is permanently glued to a flexihoop — such a great touch as a frame — and finished with fabric to hide the stitching on the back. Available through her Etsy store.