Matt W Moore’s Graphic Marvels

Maine-based artist Matt W Moore is a favorite of mine, and here’s why. For one thing, this guy is into a little bit of everything. The multi-talented, multimedia artist founded and runs MWM Graphics, a studio specializing in illustration and graphic design. More recently, he started Core Deco, a brand that lets him bring his signature style to more functional design objects. But that’s all business – let’s talk more about that signature style. From large aerosol murals in Brazil or France to brightly colored, boldly patterned digital illustrations in a style the artist calls “vectorfunk,” the mark of Moore is instantly recognizable. Sculptural installations – like those done for his ‘Sun Ray Ricochet’ solo show in Moscow – are similarly characterized by well-placed angles and lines, as well as vibrant colors. Lately, it seems that Moore has been moving away from the strictures of more formal geometry and embracing a more organic, flowing style. I’m definitely liking the results so far. Check out more of his works after the jump!

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Prettywhores’ Monster Mashups

Tulsi Maya, a 22-year-old illustrator/ collage artist and self-proclaimed “jobless wonder” who goes by the moniker Prettywhores, describes her work as “an infinite motif of naked beings, patterns and the primitive fauna / flora of this world complimented by a riot of satanic beasts, creeps and mutant night walkers vomiting up nostalgia.” Check out more of her perfectly irreverent and deliciously grotesque monster mashups on her tumblr, The Darling and the Dirty

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Caroline Achaintre Hand Tufted Wool Paintings

Caroline Achaintre proves that you don’t need a drop of acrylic or oil to make amazing paintings. Achaintre’s hand tufted wool pieces mix abstraction, grotesque imagery, and geometric shapes to create powerful images that make you question what painting can be and should be. (via vvork)

Klaus Pichler’s Food Decay Images Shed Light on Global Food Waste

Klaus Pichler’s One Third project explores the wasteful nature of food consumption. Rotting food, arranged into elaborate still life’s, portrays an abstract picture of wastage of food.  According to the UN one third of the world’s food goes to waste- the largest part thereof in the industrialized nations of the global north. Equally, 925 million people around the world are threatened by starvation.  Pichler’s series describeds the connection between individual wastage of  food and globalized food production. Now that’s food for thought. (via feature shoot)

Andrey Flakonkishochki’s Psychedelic Illustrations

Bizarre and psychedelic illustrations by talented Russian artist Andrey Flakonkishochki.
(via I heart my art)

Tomás Saraceno’s Amazing Web Installation

 Tomás Saraceno takes the spider’s web as a starting point in Galaxies Forming Along Filaments, Like Droplets Along the Strands of a Spider . Investigating how the gossamer thin filaments of these intricate webs are able to suspend life by way of intricate geometry, Saraceno suggests at a conceptual architectural proposal that relies on this most delicate and prehistoric system of life to take us into our future. Of particular interest is the application of this phenomenon throughout the history of time. A keystone to Saraceno’s fascination with these web constructions was the recent discovery that suggests the early universe was a sponge-like form, with galaxies forming along filaments, like droplets on a spider’s web. (via faith is torment)

Beautiful/Decay Book 8 Cover Sneak Peak

Beautiful/Decay Book: 8 is on its way to us from the printers and we just can’t wait to share with you all the amazing artists that we have featured. We’re not ready to announce who made the cut and what the theme is just yet but I thought i’d tease you with just a small portion of the cover. Why don’t you take a guess and see if you can figure out what’s on the cover. It’s one of our best cover images yet and I know it will blow you away. Make sure to reserve your very own copy of Beautiful/Decay Book 8 by subscribing today. We have only printed 1,500 books and once they are sold out they will never be reprinted again!


Cesar Del Valle’s Drawings Interact with the world

Cesar Del Valle’s drawings are not just exquisitely rendered but also interact with the very surface they are drawn upon. Rather than simply drawing the objects and places that the figures interact with Cesar creates unique situations where a figure might be holding up a crumpling part of the paper, jumping over an actual hole in the paper, or walking a tightrope that is constructed out of a pencil stuck through the paper. By creating these interactions Cesar not only wows the viewer with his ability to think outside the box begs the question did the drawing or the paper come first? More of Cesar’s interactions with the surface after the jump. (via illusion)