Tom LaDuke Packs Four Paintings Into One


At first glance the paintings of Tom LaDuke may look like simple abstractions but as you walk closer you start to see a second and then a third image emerge from the background.

Holly Myers from the LA Times  Describes Tom’s painstaking process:

“Paintings from an ongoing series involves the application of four exhausting layers per canvas: first “an inchoate space,” as he calls it — “not bright or dim, not shallow or deep” — intended to mimic a blank television screen; then a film still, rendered precisely as it appeared on a television in his studio; then the reflection caught on the surface of that screen; then a splintered layer of thick, gestural oil paint made with a stencil derived from a historical painting that relates in some way to the film still. The underlayers — all airbrush — are soft, gray, smooth and ghostly, whereas the oil paint is chunky, brightly colored and seemingly haphazard, with only the slimmest hints at imagery. The effect is that of two entirely different paintings that just happened to brush against each other while wet.


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  • Heard him give a talk at UNCG last year. His work is amazing and photos really cannot do their depth justice.