Josh Reames


Not only does Josh Reames write great reviews for New American Paintings and run an odd little basement gallery in Chicago (Manifest Exhibitions), but he makes great paintings too! I’ve personally seen his paintings come a long way in a very short time, and I hope you like them as much as I do. See this young Chicagoan under-compensate for his long-comings after the jump!

From cardboard to squiggles.

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  • Bill

    Nice paintings

  • Jan

    This blog doesn’t show art. Thanks for reminding me, Ryan.

  • not sure what that really means Jan? Not everything will be your cup of tea but hey that’s how art is!

  • Kent

    these are really strong, interesting paintings! Thanks for sharing.

  • RTC

    @ Jan – Thank you for your comment, it was insightful and well thought out. We need more forward thinking, sophisticated people like you in the art blogosphere to contribute there grand visions and intellectual-isms. Thanks again, and have a great weekend babe.

  • Calvin Whitehurst

    love the sock. Reminds of De Keyser’s Blue Sock.

  • Bill

    these are paintings of painting, and the world is a representation produced in the mind, making it an imaging of an image. there is some link there.