Brittany Zagoria

Brittany Zagoria‘s deeply personal  and emotional paintings do battle with her inner demons.

“My paintings reflect my subconscious need to demonstrate the existence of evil in others. I grew up with a mentally ill mother, whose physically and verbally abusive actions towards me were relentless, cruel, and, most crucially, without reason. The arbitrary nature of her attacks left me feeling scared, insecure, and especially perceptive of the inherent capacity for monstrosity in all individuals. Through painting portraits of people I have known, I have become aware that my perceptions of others and my relationships with them have been greatly skewed by emotional tumult from my past. A finished portrait is evidence of my raw, childlike way of perceiving each subject. Judgmental and distorted, they are artifacts of my disturbed perception of the world that render tangible my personal, psychological confrontations; the process of painting turns a critical eye toward subject and painter alike. Often grotesque, monstrous and condemning, the final product constitutes my ultimate judgment of human relations.”

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  • Thanks so much for posting my work!!!

  • I really like this work. It is strongly compelling. Thanks for being true to your perceptions.