Justin Amrhein’s Imaginary Schematics

Justin Amrhein is a whole new kind of mad scientist. Gathering inspiration from the way things are made, Amrhein crafts a new breed of machinery, in the form of an engineer’s schematic illustration, to provoke thoughts around the function of these beautifully complex creatures.


Schematics as a medium for artistic inquiry is unique in that it provides the spectator with an abundance of information, yet (simultaneously) none at all. It is this open framework that creates a space for imagination to speculate the tangible forms such obsessive illustrations might take. This specific component of the medium makes piecing the work’s meaning together a participatory endeavor between the artist and the audience.

From the artist’s website:

“Figuring out how things work and how things are built intrigues me. After studying how a particular object is made and the major components crucial to its function I have the basic knowledge needed to develop versions of those objects or invent an entirely new object all together. In the form of schematic drawings, I can define function and purpose of elements that border between real objects and imaginary creations. By using different forms of labeling systems to illustrate and organize an object, I am able to provide a commentary on a multitude of subjects.”

Be sure to visit the artist’s website for a whole lot more beautiful imagery to soak in.

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