Mark Benson

Sculptor and all around funny guy Mark Benson uses the readymade  to make us think about success, failure, and what it means to encounter both.


Wanting to change the world and barely changing my own sheets, I embed my lifelong struggle between big goals and small steps into my practice. With the use of the readymade, canvas, paint, and wood, I set up small jokes at my own expense. Primarily enacted through sculpture and with humor as a persistent side effect, I explore everyday human experiences of success and failure, and what it means to encounter both. I employ the utilized object’s built-in cultural connotations and shift its original meaning by pairing and context with other objects. My work is both autobiographical and common, in that it deals with personal issues that I most surely share with a larger population. It focuses on the contrasting notions of responsibility & deferral, self doubt & egotism, and diligence & laziness. It’s the comically sad tension that lives between these disparate ideas that makes mopping the floor sometimes feel like moving mountains.– Mark Benson

The historic events and terrible financial reports in the spring of 2011’s pages of theFinancial Times, coupled with fun loving, oblivious puppies, literally pissing on the bad news. Viewers must climb stairs outside of the studio to see—and smell—the untouchable dogs.



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