Beautiful/Decay Book:5- Officially Sold Out!

In less than 3 weeks since its release Beautiful/Decay Book: 5- Psychonauts has officially sold out! This is the fastest any B/D book has ever sold out. You may be able to find a few copies here or there at local shops or boutiques but the chances of finding one will now be slim. We still have four copies of Book 2 left, thirty five copies of Book 3, and fifty copies of Book 4 in our shop. Make sure to grab these before they sell out as well. As always once B/D books are sold out we will never reprint them and the only way to get them will be via ebay.

Make sure to subscribe to Beautiful/Decay to ensure that you get all future copies of B/D. All subscribers receive 33% off each book as well get books before they land in stores.

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