Art Basel Miami: Day 1

Any attempts to describe the madness that was Art Basel Miami 2010 in a few sentences will undoubtedly fall short. Put succinctly – lots of art, lots of people, lots of sun, lots of fun. People go to Art Basel Miami for many different reasons, but yours truly went in search of the ever-exciting, awe-inspiring, never-before-seen, knock-your-socks-off, kick-ass kind of art that makes me say YES! Did I find what I was looking for? It’s hard to say my friends, so loyal B/D reader you be the judge. Here are some of the highlights from Day 1: Art Basel Miami Beach…

Dennis Hopper, Self-Portrait with Rock and Cactus, 2010

Dennis Hopper, Self-Portrait with Rock and Cactus (Detail), 2010

Dave Muller, (Fill)(In)(The)(Blank), 2010


Dave Muller, (Fill)(In)(The)(Blank) (Detail), 2010

Sergey Bratkov, Mickey Mouse, 2010

Nick Cave, Soundsuits, 2010

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Desmond, 1985

Juan Genoves, Distancias, 2010

Juan Genoves, Distancias (Detail), 2010

Juan Genoves, Contemporaneos, 2010

Juan Genoves, Contemporaneos (Detail), 2010

Ai Waiwai, Sunflower Seed Installation

Bienvenu Gallery Installation

George Condo, Not yet titled, 2010

Richard Estes, 34th Street and 8th Avenue, 2010

Robert Longo, Andy’s Wave (Dedicated to Andy Irons), 2010

Spencer Finch, Where Does Red Begin and Where Does it End?, 2010

Andy Warhol, Art (positive & negative), 1985-86

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  • I thought I saw everything at the ABMB fair, but it always amazes me that when I look at the blogs the week after, there’s things I missed. There’s just so much to look see. However, I have to say the sculpture by/of the late Dennis Hopper was one of the weakest pieces there. The private collections (Rubells + De La Cruz) blew me away. Thanks for posting the pics!