B/D X Sticker Robot Contest!

We know that everyone’s favorite price is free and so we decided to team up with our good friends at Sticker Robot to bring you the easiest and most fun way to win an entire box of free stuff!

How do you get this massive box of free goods do you ask? Well it’s about as easy as it gets. All you have to do is use “Sticker Robot”  in a sentence. Make sure to visit the Sticker Robot site to see what they are all about (They’re giving away 500 free stickers with every order this week!) and then craft the perfect sentence. The best, most creative, and funniest sentence wins. It’s that simple folks, just write a kick ass sentence and get a box of goods just in time for the holidays!

Make sure to submit your sentence by this Friday (November 26th) by midnight, write your submission in the comments area of this post, and keep your sentence under 100 words. On Monday we’ll announce the winner!

Here’s what the winner gets:

Beautiful/Decay Book 2, Book 3, and Book 4

3 Beautiful/Decay t-shirts

A limited edition Fudge Factory Comics sticker pack by Travis Millard

So get out your ink and quills and draft up the ultimate sentence. May the best cult member win!

*Due to logistics this contest is only available for our US readers.

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  • yes. sticker robot. yes. beautiful. decay. yes.

  • mykiiho

    i dont know wat to do with my life, cos life without sticker robot sucks.

  • …And they all lived happily ever after…. until the Sticker Robot found them…..

  • Hey, if you wanted stickers printed right you should have asked The Robot; Sticker Robot.

  • How you gonna get fired on your day off looking at sticker robot’s website?!


    The only thing cooler than Beautiful/Decay and Sticker Robot is when Beautiful/Decay and Sticker Robot hook me up with free stuff.

  • DomNX

    “Sticker Robot is so good, you might have to change your underwear.”

  • nella

    “Robot,” I said “Robot!” I repeated louder “pass me pot sticker, Robot” we are never coming back to this automated Dim Sum place again.

  • Mike Condello

    I wish just once I could win a sticker robot contest.

  • After I sticker robot, I’m gonna have a sandwich & a nap…

  • RM

    “I love you,” she said, as the sky opened up before them, fire like rain falling from burnt clouds, steam screaming from cracks on the Earth’s surface; they beheld the great destroyer-god, a crown of snakes perched on the largest of its three wicked heads, all fourteen eyes the color of hot blood, “I love you, my Sticker Robot,” she said and the sky collapsed around them like an ocean wave, drowning the world in silence.

  • I just Sticker Robot and all I got was this lousy massive box of free goods.

  • The Sticker Robot and their kind were out in force again today. They’ve been crowding the streets for what seems like weeks. Everywhere you look robots, stickering. everything is covered with stickers. Cool stickers, yes, but stickers none the less. We are all afraid. Some of us started putting up stickers just to try and blend in. This may be my last transmission. As I write this i see a Sticker Robot coming towards me. Help us.

  • Sticker Robot and Beautiful Decay are nothing short of top premium primo premiumness in a primo sense.

  • ludwig

    I’ve got some double sided tape and an urge to turn this box into my all time favourite sticker.

    who doesn’t love free stuff stuck to a wall?

  • Robert H

    If he only would have remembered to use oil before he went in to sticker robot that night, they wouldn’t have rusted together.

  • Kelaine

    The Sticker Robot peeled itself from the consultant’s courier bag, slid its way in through the dvd drive to take over the cpu and eventually the world.

  • I’m what you would call a teleological, existential Sticker Robot. I believe that there’s an intelligence to the universe, with the exception of certain parts of New Jersey.

  • I wanted to sticker box, but she made me Sticker Robot.

  • jeff oliver

    what the fuck is a sticker robot?!

  • ▒▒▓│▓│░▒▒▓│░▒▒→sticker decay, sticker decay, you beautiful, beautiful robot!←▒▒▓│▓│░▒▒▓│░▒▒

  • edward win


  • The Sticker Robot is every woman’s dream: always there to serve you, never fails to satisfy, and doesn’t even require batteries.

  • Domo arigato, Mr. Sticker Roboto.

  • Sticker Robot!? …. i barely know her robot.

  • Johnny

    The sticker robot stopped in his tracks when he saw the two vatos in the bathtub.

  • Go with Sticker Robot for all of your plumbing needs.

  • Yayakot

    Sticker Robot… I love you and want to have your decorative adhesives.

  • Michael

    In all the English language, there are no two words more beautiful than “Sticker Robot”.

  • Hey Sticker Robot,
    I’m a stickler for stickers and know how to pick um, and unlike stamps there’s no need to lick um. Bam!

  • Phydeaux_3

    “Thank Jesus for Sticker Robot.”

  • urbodyelectric

    If it’s not Sticker Robot, it’s just plain old crap!!

  • I wasn’t really attracted to her, but I did want to sticker robot.

  • “In the event of awesome you must ask yourself, What Would Sticker Robot Do?”

  • Do it

    if it ain’t sticker robot it ain’t worth a shit ,i need a drink.