A Day In Decay: Die Antwoord Run Wild In LA

This past Sunday I headed out to the Music Box to see Die Antwoord. By my previous posts you know that I’ve been into the group’s videos, but I wondered if they held up on a stage with a few thousand fans. It’s too soon to tell if the group is just the flavor of the month or a powerhouse that will hold the attention spans of youth for years to come, but I will say that I enjoyed every minute of the show from beginning to end. Not only did they sound great but these guys are simply bonkers. With only a simple backdrop and crazy costumes that look like homemade Halloween costumes they managed to tear up the stage.  Here’s a few photos and thoughts from the show….

Die Antwoord are ahead of the game. With Halloween just weeks away (do they celebrate halloween in S. Africa?) these guys still came prepared with a giant bag of costumes. Check out the DJ’s ghoul mask. I was sure that he was going to take it off after a song or two but dude is a true trooper, sweating it out for the entire hour and a half long set! PS. Yolandi is tiny. The turntables can’t be more than 4′ 9″ high! I want to put her in my pocket so she can rap in my ear while I’m sitting in traffic.

Ninja came out on the stage in this crazy monk meets klansmen gettup.

People in the front row got free spit with their performance! If that doesn’t scream “I love my fans!” I’m not sure what does.

The monk klansmen outfit was a bit hot, so off with the shirt and on with the homemade tattoos.

Half way through their set Ninja communicated with aliens… or god. Not sure which but either one is pretty impressive.

This guy came on stage for a few songs. He’s sporting the New New Era fitted. It has an extra long brim for your protection.

Then it was time for some more fan love.

Green is for the money and the gold is for the honey. My two favorite colors.

Some serious schlong shaking in the darkside of the moon.

I really hate it when bands do fake encores. Unfortunately Die Antwoord pulled one. They went off the stage, drank some water, and then came right back out. It was completely planned. Thankfully they came out in these crazy gettups. I think Ninja is wearing a Pokemon outfit and Yolandi is a little piglet. The real question is are they dressed up for Halloween or is this a costume change?

All in all, it was a great show. They played Evil Boy and all the other songs that you can find on youtube. I give the show a solid B+. I was hoping for the giant Evil Boy sculpture but hey, I can wait until the next tour.

Ps. This was the opening band. They are called Blok. They were pretty bad but kind of funny. They took themselves a bit too serious  for playing weirdo hiphop/electronic music. I did like the ghetto gaga chick who kept pulling her weave out to eat it.

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