Studio Visit: Blickle

A few weeks back I headed over to the studio of painter Alison Blickle. You may remember Alison from a previous post as well as her killer contribution to book 3. Alison recently moved to LA , with a studio down the street from the B/D office so I thought i’d stop by and check out what she’s been up to.

When I stopped by Alison was getting ready for a new show opening tonight at Theirry Goldberg Projects in NY. The new work is an evolution of the previous body of work that Alison is known for. While the last body of work focused on girls frolicking through dense forests filled with plant life, this new body of work is a more toned down in its approach with west coast desert backdrops and crystal hugging sirens. It all has a get back to nature, hug a tree, take peyote and run naked through the desert kind of vibe.

This has to be one of my favorite works out of the bunch. At first the figure looks like a pretty girl frolicking in a field but  look a bit closer and you’ll start noticing the bizarre proportions and extended arms. Also check out the great pattern in the cloud based off of Indian blankets.

The tools of the trade.

When I first saw Alison’s work online I thought that they would be painted with thick layers of oil but once you see them in person you realize that the paintings have a flat dry brush surface. The above image shows all the subtle colors that make the image. The purple areas next to the hand must have 15 different shades on top of another which makes the painting shimmer with color.

Alison swears that she doesn’t intentionally paint herself over and over again. I believe her but  its interesting that your likeness and personality come out in your work with or without your permission.

Alison doesn’t paint directly from life but she works with reference images to work out the details. You can see photos of the landscape, flowers, and even the patterns that she worked into the cloud taped to the wall.

Little painting in progress.

I love the neck in this. Is she in ecstasy or in pain? Buy the work and maybe Alison may tell you.

what happens when you move from NYC to LA. You run to the desert, find the first geode you see, hug it, and never let go.

Don’t know the title for this piece but I’d call it “Touchy Feelings.”

A lot of this new body of work deals with these private moments that take place in public spaces. The narratives in the work are not always linear but the ambiguity  is what I find most interesting. It gives me part of the story but leaves it open enough for me to draw my own conclusions.

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