A Day In Decay: San Francisco (Part 2) Guerrero Gallery


I had been hearing some buzz about Andres Guerrero’s new space so I thought I’d head over and check out Weight Perception, a group show curated by SF’s own Andrew Schoultz.


You may know Andres from his years running White Walls. His new space, appropriately called Guerrero, builds on his success at White Walls while allowing him to set the bar higher with one of the biggest gallery spaces in SF showing emerging artists. The wall painting in this shot is by LA’s Laurie Steelink and the sculptures by Thomas Øvlisen.


Nice painting by Kevin Taylor


Powdered graphite and silkscreen drawings by Glen Baldridge.


Andrew and Andres doing the official “Cope 2” horizontal peace sign.


Massive drawing by Casey Jex Smith.


Ran into Jamie Alexander and his son while checking out the show. Jamie is one of the co-owners of SF bookshop and gallery, Park Life. They do great things there and have some fantastic art/design books so make sure to check them out.


Who’s got time for art when you can be playing with your train set on the shiny floors.


When I think of quilting I think of metal. Okay so maybe I don’t, but Ben Venom certainly does.


Andres has lots of great stuff in his office like this AJ Fosik piece sitting on his desk.


Behind the reception desk. I forgot who made the middle finger turkey leg piece but it’s amazing,


And here’s a sneak peak at the next show at the space. One of my favorite painters, Eddie Martinez will be co-curating a show at the gallery. Should be great!


One of SF’s many parks. The view was great..


But the view from this street was even better. It almost made me forget the freezing weather.

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  • frank derosa

    gg is the best new gallery in sf hands down