Moritz Resl


Moritz Resl is a graphic designer based in Vienna, Austria. A smart designer with a minimalistic style, Moritz does not pollute his work with a number of narrative imagery all sharing one composition and message. Instead, he communicates the concept of his work by creating just a single, simple image. For instance, based on this year’s World Cup event, Moritz created a poster featuring an impression of a torch (edit: vuvuzela! Even better! Thanks for noticing the error guys) by combining various world continents together, all sitting in a sea of blue. Smart, well-articulated, and aesthetically sound.


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  • Really nice work, but I’m pretty sure the World Cup image is a vuvuzela.

  • hey this work is amazing i love it!! but the world cup one is a vuvuzela and not a torch…. 😛

  • hi there – i made this. it’s a vuvuzela shaped by the silhouettes of all participating countries of the world cup.
    thanks for the post!

  • Hi Moritz thanks for stopping by and clearing that up! Am I dumb for not knowing what a vuvuzela is…?

  • its those fucking annoying horns i think…