Book 4 Sneak Peek: the printer’s proof!

Book 4, Printer's Proof: cover

Book 4, Printer's Proof: cover

So folks… here it is! We’ve got the printer’s proof of Book 4 here at Beautiful/Decay headquarters and we’re excited to share this tape-bound, post-it-riddled version with you, our dedicated readers. Our Exquisite Corpse issue will be sporting a fluorescent yellow spot color throughout the book, front & back fold-out spreads, an array of eye-mesmerizing patterns, and one-of-a-kind type treatments. There’s so much more to it than that, but if we gave you any more details than we couldn’t call this a sneak peek, now could we? Subscribe early as there’s only a couple weeks left to reserve your very own copy of this exquisite issue. Enjoy!


BD_Book4_3BD_Book4_10 BD_Book4_9 BD_Book4_7BD_Book4_2 BD_Book4_8 BD_Book4_6 BD_Book4_4 BD_Book4_5

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  • Sherin

    can’t wait to see this…looks delicious

  • Looking forward to get that magazine in my hands!