Victo Ngai


Bowl Cut

Ngai Chuen Ching a.k.a Victo Ngai’s work entices you. Her illustrations are detailed narratives, that inspire you make up a story of your own to go along with each one. Victo uses illustration as a way to find her true identity and explore her different cultural backgrounds.  She recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and has already been featured in Communication Arts as well as Society of Illustrators NY. Who knows what she will amaze us with in the future!


Effect of Toxins on Infants


After Dark


Lost in Translation

The New Standard

The New Standard

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  • whoa, these are really cool, especially the first image.

  • I love the graphic style of these illustration. And the motives are also awesome!

  • Awww….remember the bowl cut? Thomas what is “motives” is that an illustrator term?