Dan Attoe

Accretion 39 (Dumb Babies)

Combine the variety of Hieronymus Bosch and the weirdness of David Lynch; add a pinch of skateboarding and two d-cups of death metal and you’ve got a good recipe for taking in Dan Attoe’s newest painting, “Accretion 40.”  Placing multiple small scenes over an end-of-days landscape, he touches on everything from a drawing monkey (self-portrait?), to strippers, Christmas, and going to Hell.  Dan put the finishing touches on this yesterday, and he’s about to move and have a kid, so this is going to be the last big painting for a little while.

2 Gifts crest

6 Drawing monkey

9 Sparkling woman

10 Satisfied mind

11 Marching to Hell

promo pic in studio 2010 mlble

Accretion Drawing XXIVDan makes drawings too.

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  • one of the best! monumental body of work. if i were a rich man…

  • bil

    I’ve got a little one of a st. Francis type holding a bird

  • C cup of deathmetal

    Badass like always. I know Dan deals with dark shit in most of his paintings but this one seems even more macabre than usual. The extinction of the dildos, the genocide storm following the conquistador ship, Dan the chimp himself being forced to jump through hoops, dumb babies with rules all on top of a particularly ominous volcano scene. I’m not saying it isn’t still badass, I just think its sort of profound after his normal Accretion backdrop of idyllic American landscape bathed in an optimistic morning sunlight or some moonlight. What do you think, Bill, is this different or do you see the same ole Dan?

  • Seriously, I was telling Bill that I think I literally said “holy shit” when I saw his newest painting. Stay tuned for an awesome interview Bill did with Dan in the coming weeks!!