Fei Through The Ages


9 score and 1 year ago, our father brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation…oh wait. Wrong address! 1 Year and 9 months ago, Fei started working at Beautiful/Decay, and now today is her last day!

Back then, Fei was like a neon hyper-color baby, favoring bedazzled street-wear thrift store sartorial creations. Now, her clothes incorporate a more muted palette, some classic, feminine pieces like straight leg, form fitting dark pants, as well as some more avante-garde pieces that are on trend, like cucoon shirts, harem pants, or other ready-to-wear pieces that play with volume. OK that’s not really doing her justice either, ’cause its what’s on the inside of Fei that counts!

OK, anyway, Fei has contributed an insane amount of insanely amazing design while she’s here, from the redesign of our blog (a creation she has lovingly mothered and tended to like a small digital vegetable patch), to of course, the layout of the entire magazine, in which she has embedded secret esoteric Free-Masonic based astral symbols that, when held under the light of a full moon and wetted with a drop of a howling wolf, tells the viewer her whereabouts in the world (China.)

Throughout our time together I have delighted in the fact that Fei and I are somehow psychically linked, ostensibly heightened by the fact we eat the same lunch here at the office most every day: Albertsons soup and Trader Joe’s Italian salads. I’m a little sad to see what will become of our kozmic mynd conneksh, but hope that even across continents, our bond remains.

Among my favorite Fei memories:
-Our rollicking rendition of “Rooftop,” (a song we penned together at the old office)
-The day she wore “hoop” earrings
-Hare Krishna buffet
-How she got hit by a car on her first day on the job in the Subway parking lot
-The time Fei made me stand on the old Rooftop (yes, the famous rooftop from the aforementioned ballad) with a feather headdress on and mirrors on my hands, gently making waving motions to refract the sun’s beams for some “art” thing she did
-Singing “Ja, mÃ¥ hon leva” to her
-Having to say “Smultron” to interns in a Swedish accent at her behest
-How she’d sometimes eat a tamal for breakfast
-How she’d sometimes eat leftover cake that was in the freezer for a month for breakfast

….And more! Anyway, Fei, we will all miss you tons!!


We're really sad Fei's leaving

We're really sad Fei's leaving

Left to right: Amir H. Fallah (Founder of B/D), Henri Lucas, Yours Truly, Fearless Intern Lyndsey Lesh, and The Lady of the Hour Fei Fei

Left to right: Amir H. Fallah (Founder of B/D), Henri Lucas, Yours Truly, Fearless Intern Lyndsey Lesh, and The Lady of the Hour Fei Fei

Fei wears cool hats

Fei wears cool hats

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  • DONNNNTTTTT LEAAAVEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • have fun in your adventures fei fei!

  • happy birthday fei!

  • 🙁

  • I second all of these responses: Don’t leave, but have fun in your adventures, have a good bday, and sad face emoticon.

  • Amir

    Fei is going to china but don’t be too sad. She will continue to contribute to the blog as our china correspondent! We love you fei! Thanks for all the creativity, imagination, and enthusiasm you put into b/d!

  • brownie waffles and beers before you leave.

    Oh yeah, lame you are leaving. Best of luck!

  • Gladys

    🙁 Fei iz awesome~ Good Luck~

  • Muffin

    Wow, B/D will be in China!!That’s so awesome to hear. Goodluck to Fei, I love your design and blog posts.

  • end of an era.

    what are brownie waffles?

  • mattmedium

    Wow. Im a little emotional from reading this. It’s like part of my family is leaving. I will miss you fei.

  • Jas we should all go out to lunch next week!! You’re coming to the opening Sat. right?

  • Fei

    Is it weird that I just read this again and laughed so hard little tear gems welled out of my eyes? I miss you guys….

  • OK, I just re-read this because you did, and cried a drop of howling moon wolf blood in your honor! missss youuuuu too fei fei!