The Original Video Pizza

video pizza spence & ziggyAre you ready for love?  Are you prepared for savage, unbridled, intense, ultra mega romance?  Then you might be suave enough to handle this “one of a kind way to spend the evening.”  Photographer Robbie Augspurger (who was featured in Book 3) sent us a DVD of The Original Video Pizza.  Needless to say, Ziggy and I were excited to enjoy “the soothing sound of sizzling” in a pizza-filled hour of pure retro rawness.   The DVD case is just as amazing as the actual video, featuring a quote from Rope McCord, who simply states that he loves pizza movies.  Not only does Video Pizza add “the perfect ambience to any party experience” but also, there are “no pizza boxes to clean up” and “no waiting for it to be ready”.  The party of a lifetime is waiting for you… after the jump.

video pizza dvd casejpeg

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  • Amir

    i’m hungry.

  • not sure if censoring zigs junk like is effective. ha

  • oh shit the other youtube videos are great.

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  • Oh man, we can’t win! First we don’t sensor, and everyone points the finger at us for puppy porn, now we put a tiny pizza loincloth, and its “not effective”

  • Ian

    This is hilarious!