Kevin Hayes


Kevin Hayes is a Los Angeles based photographer with some really interesting and compelling imagery. What I find most interesting about his work it’s the way he captures and unveils the many characters in the photographs. Playing with the muted colors, lighting and backgrounds there’s is the sensation that time has stopped and a tension of what would have happened next after the shot was taken.

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  • AK

    Fucking Brillant!

  • simon

    this guy is fucking awesome!!!!!

  • Vic

    Love this dude. Met him before, great work and super bright. We hit it off by sharing iphone flicks of our dookie. Handy caps to candy cats!

  • Bianca

    Interesting stuff… almost evokes an unsettling feeling. Love it

  • The Kid

    These pics rule! Nice!

  • this guys work is rad.

  • Nick

    I dig it! Palpable emotion… stirring.

  • Yeah Kevin! Can’t wait to see you out here in NYC! Keep up the good work!

  • simcha

    this guys work is amazinggg!!!!

  • I fucking digg it, amen Gladys, love the post!

  • chan

    once i found this guys work i have been on a hunt to fine more of it

  • nat

    its about time this guy is in the public eye …. keep it up

  • melody

    love his work

  • WOW. Seven comments about how amazingly rad and palpably emotional the work is…..from the SAME IP address? That’s weird.

  • Zarabi

    So good. Sexy and disturbing and genuine. I love this dude. so hard.


  • jerry red

    i really like these photos, i would like to see more from this artist

  • Michele

    I like the feeling that you feel seeing these- guilt, disturbed, vulgar and then you feel the honesty of the real world and the realism.

  • ng

    fuck yes! his photos rule!!!

  • Sherlock, we’re going to need your help. We’re unusually baffled by this case of supreme complementary commentage. Is someone hell-bent on hyping Kevin Hayes? Whoever is leaving this hellstorm of positive comments please come forward.

  • msr

    Hell yes! lets see more!

  • wow…. this is amazing. i love the work and i cant wait to see more as you uncover the brilliance of your genius!

  • Haha, after a very sweet email from Kevin, I’d like to clarify, thank you to everyone for leaving their thoughts on this post…the more the merrier! We thought spam at first, but it seems there is really just an unbridled and amazing joyous pro Kevin Hayes internet communnity. Yay!

  • EEB

    How good is that first shot?
    Im all about his work.
    Black and white brilliance!

  • I am so grateful that God has sent us a true genius of photography. I am very excited to seewhen this work will be in amajor museum in Los Angeles. You know aint nothin changed but my limp

  • Kenny K

    Kev wins. And Ron Hayes is a fuckin champion

  • I’m not crazy about his photos of food, but his other work is consistently strong. Well done. And the photos of his parents are so tender…