Geekiest Tattoos of All Time


Not exactly “art” persay, but I wanted to share this article Huffington Post recently put together of the “geekiest tattoos of all time” featuring inks of hourglasses to Bill Gates. While I admit to being a lover and not a fighter of technology, some of these tats might be crossing my limit. Some of them are actually kind of clever though. What do you guys think? Ps, does anyone know of a good antonym for “Luddite”?

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  • Amir

    the never forget tat is priceless!

  • Aaron

    i have to agree with Amir the never forget piece is quite clever and very well done.

  • Fei

    I actually like the < head body > one because I’m a w3bn3rd.

  • in the classical sense of the word, probably “pro-industrialist” would fit, though nowadays perhaps “technophile”?

  • what’s dorkier is that i’ve seen all of these before, and i’m slightly inclined to the cymk one…

  • becky

    I might get the CMYK one too, or some variant, but I don’t want it all black.

  • Z

    The head-body tattoo could even be extended some later time by adding a dashed line in between with a small scissor, axe or sword icon at the end.

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