Advertise here !!! turns your Keyboard into a Sk8board then Tweets about it (Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans) has always been the pioneers of the net art movement subverting websurfing logics and breaking your browsers since the mid ’90s and have been deconstructing web platforms such as Google Maps, Blogger, and now Twitter too has fallen victim. Taking place last Monday in the Netherlands, “Sk8monkey” involved a group of skaters using wheeled wireless keyboards instead of regular boards which were connected to a number of computers logged-on to a Twitter account, which was subsequently overloaded with nonsense “tweets”, made solely of random characters. Maybe these nonsensical keyboard mash sessions are actually more interesting than some users’ sensical ones, ha!

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Ben Frost

Ben Frost

Australian artist Ben Frost’s Lost in the Supermarket (now showing at Bout, a reference to The Clash song, remarks on the over stimulation, confusion and daily hypnosis we are trapped by, as we struggle to stand still on a buzzing psychedelic landscape of brands, identities and social demands.

Major Lazer – Keep It Going Louder

I’m not sure if Major Lazer’s new video is pure genius, madness or a bit of both… i’m intrigued!

Krzysztof Domaradzki A.K.A Studio KXX

Krzysztof Domaradzki

Krzysztof Domaradzki or Studio KXX for short has a eye popping portfolio full of illustrations and designs. Visit his site yourself for a visual feast.

Luke Butler’s Enterprise

Luke Butler
Luke Butler is a recent graduate from with an MFA from San Francisco’s CCA. For Luke Butler the greatest form of strength is openness. For his model of vulnerability, Luke Butler looks to a most stout and reliable figure. He didn’t have to make one up- if you have watched enough TV, you know this to be true. Doesn’t totally make sense? That’s ok. Check out Whitehot Magazine for a more in depth article about a visit to Luke’s studio.

Sergio Gomez

sergio gomez

A wide variety of design, illustration, photography, and creative typography in the portfolio of Sergio Gomez.