Blip Boutique

The company says it best themselves! “Blip Boutique is a Los Angeles based collective creating visual content that is truly not boring! We conceive and produce original concepts for digital and emerging media that are innovative in both content and form. We thrive on working at the intersection of design, art, and technology, and our research and development in these fields is fundamental to our creative process. Blip Boutique strives to create engaging and innovative visual art in an ever expanding and elastic digital world, for a range of clients in music, fashion, advertising, the arts as well as ourselves. Feast your eyes and Fantasize.”

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  • These are fun. What I like about them is that they are selfless on the part of the musicians. The work is emphasised in a fun way, and it isn’t an ego festival for the singer. Also the parrot video is very beautiful, and because of the luminous rich color, I was thinking of the small Portrait of a Carthusian by Petrus Christus at the Met:

  • Cool and funny vid!

    Visit for quality inspiration!

  • edit: these videos are fun…

  • I can’t stop watching that parrot!!

  • ahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa that parrot one is maybe the best music video ever. actually not maybe, it is.

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