B/D Apparel Shirt of the Month

B/D Apparel Shirt of the Month Wizard Tattoo by Kyle Thomas
September’s shirt of the month just head-banged its way into our online shop! This graphic features an ominously mystical magician casting smokey-sorcery of battle axes, panthers, horses of the apocalypse and more. The color way is an off white ink on a black shirt body. Perfect black-metal scheme for shredder shows, Sabbath-listening, and seances alike! Only 30 of these super-soft shirts made! Conjured into being by the one and only Kyle Thomas, who hand-drew each and every cover of Book 1.

Visit the online shop to purchase “Wizard Tattoo.”

About the Shirt of the Month
-Available exclusively on Beautiful/Decay online shop
-Unique color way printed in limited runs
-Available in advance before the season ships to retailers
-33% discount off retail price, at just $19.95 a shirt

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Previous Shirts of the Month
Beautiful/Decay Apparel August Shirt of the Month: Pharaoh

August Shirt of the Month – “Pharaoh”

With a visual aesthetic ranging from anime and manga, to the French art nouveau movement and traditional Japanese scroll art, Aya Kato transforms a common fairytale or love story into a passionate and vivid art piece.

$19.95. Order here.

Beautiful/Decay Apparel July Shirt of the Month: B/D Yoga
July Shirt of the Month – “B/D Yoga”
Oliver Hibert’s bright palette and magical scenes create an escape from reality and the mundane, influenced heavily by the colors and imagery of the psychedelic 60’s era.
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Beautiful/Decay Apparel June Shirt of the Month: Lost Face
June Shirt of the Month – “Lost Face”
Vladimir Sengotskiy creates his hypercolor fantasmagoric creations in multi-media, ranging from print, web, motion and beyond.
$19.95. Order here.

Beautiful/Decay Apparel May Shirt of the Month: Music Mountain
May Shirt of the Month – “Music Mountain”
Lyndsey Lesh is a Los Angeles based illustrator whose whimsical works depict a world of idiosyncratic fancy, sweetness and charm.
$19.95. Order here.

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