Jon Rafman

The embedded video above comes from the latest project by Montreal-based media artist Jon Rafman. Kool-Aid Man in Second Life offers to give Internet users free guided tours of Second Life by Rafman’s avatar, the Kool-Aid Man. The aforementioned video is a promotional video showing scenes of the tour (by the way, apparently some of this may not be NSFW, though I watched the first minute or two and didn’t really notice anything bad). The subtlety of the video, and the entire project, is what makes it so engaging. There are all sorts of questions raised here: about the role of crafted pop culture icons in the new era of user generated content, about the nature of scenic beauty, about our interaction with kitsch. Someone take the tour and let us know how it is!

PS: Check out this essay Rafman wrote on Google Street View. Very compelling stuff.

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  • Aaron

    He reminds me of one of those stuffed characters you’d see at Disneyland.

  • I love Jon Rafman! The first time I saw this video it was playing in a quicktime window where for some reason the duration bar was invisible. I had no idea how long the video was going to last, but I was prepared to sit there for hours, transfixed by the Kool Aid Man’s devastating observations.

  • g-g-g-g-g-g-g-gaAAaAAAAAAAAAy

  • ahaha this dancing fool gets dirty just before the minute mark, at least when i noticed.

  • 8 minute mark