Yusuke Ishikawa



Yusuke Ishikawa captures “life” in the shining and dazzling facets of his paintings. I’ve always been fascinated with diamonds and crystals and find myself spending hours on the internet just looking at them for no particular reason (it’s not because I’m a girl). There’s something about the hard edges in these paintings that look perfect to the eye but you know that they could never be as precise as the real thing- the element of possible human error and uncertainty makes these paintings soft and interesting as well as beautiful.

Ishikawa’s show “UNFINISHED ELIXIR” currently showing at Nasu Warehouse (in care of gallery Roentgenwerke AG who also represents Ishikawa) expresses the wish for humans to exert force over their hidden desires and control them from being exposed. The idea may have some religious/spiritual undertones as the artist mentions a Japanese Buddhist custom called “hibitsu” where a monk, during his entire time at the temple, is allowed to show the image of Buddha only once. That is to say, the chance of this Buddha’s image being “exposed” is about once every 80 years, basically once in a human’s life. Now I’m just thinking about these magnificent minerals and how in essence they are just pretty rocks and it was only by nature’s “chance” that they became such valuable and sought after objects…and it makes me want to fall into the trap of an aforementioned interest of mine. There’s also a word in Japanese which describes all these things and more which in my mind cannot be translated into English the same way…maboroshi.

Yusuke Ishikawa


Yusuke Ishikawa

"experiment 2," 2008

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  • Jesssss

    amazing incredible!!!!

  • MJSG

    ummmm WOW. ouch. finally, someone using a diamond motif and doing something ORIGINAL

  • jason

    great work!

  • Amir

    yes these are truly a unique take on diamonds.A+

  • kira

    I love them. Custom painted on the wall, a la lawrence weiner, but undeniably aimed at beauty.