Diary of a Madman: Part 4


Kyle Thomas is still crankin’ out covers for our new book, check out some of the more newer ones after the jump. I’m sure we’ll have a trash can full of dried up Sharpies by the end of this…










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  • Amir

    only 200 more to go kyle! Draw Draw Draw!!!

  • bonkers

  • dave

    insane!, major props! keep grinding!

  • CLAY

    Now I know that for some of you, the web pics of this book are your first look at this gem. But for me, today… today was magical. I open my mailbox and this yellow sealed envelope is inside… it says its from BD. Weird. This felt more like a sears catalog than a magazine. Upon opening, my face melts off. Instantly. This new book format is amazing. No ads? wow. Customized cover? wow. I think I’ll be speaking for everyone that reads this magazine when I say this…. Please continue to keep the ads OUT and the unique customizations IN!

  • Amir

    Hi Clay,
    Thanks for the compliments. It’s really encouraging and rewarding to hear such positive feedback after months of planning. We have lots of new and exciting projects lined up for the next year and we hope to keep raising the level of the magazine with each issue.

    Now that we are Ad free we rely entirely on the support of readers like you. If you like our new format please spread the word and tell your friends to subscribe and visit our shop. We’ve taken the corporations out of the equation and now look to our readers to decide the direction that the magazine goes in.

    Thanks again,