Suehiro Maruo



The graphically sexual and violent nature of Suehiro Maruo’s illustrations¬†has over the years catapulted him to stardom in the underbelly of Japanese art. There’s quite a few prominent blogs (Baby Art run by Trevor Brown, for example) that revolve around the genre which he is so big in: nightmarish manga (the Japanese term for comic books, meaning literally “whimsical pictures”) fall into the Japanese category of “erotic grotesque”. The stories often take place in the early years of Showa Era Japan. Maruo also has a fascination with human oddities, deformities, birth defects, and “circus freaks.”

Some of the images I’m posting here were from his collaborations with Japanese punk and hardcore records- many having to do with Fascist imagery that we at B/D in no way endorse! Nonetheless the artwork is beautiful. I especially love the line work and color juxtaposition in this cover he did for Funeral Party.

(Via Kurutta)

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  • joe

    you should def. check out Trevor Brown and his work — not “traditional,” per se… but very cool/creepy/sexxxy.

  • Fei

    Trevor Brown is awesome! I used to be really really into that circuit.. and now more recently finding out about Suehiro makes me want to get back into it more. Same Hat Same Hat is also a great blog for all sorts of eroguro stuff.

  • nice share