Conrad Kofron

Conrad Kofron - Untitled (Square Dance)


Born in Port Alto, Texas, Conrad Kofron went on to study at the Pratt Institute, and graduated in 2005 with a BFA in Painting. Aside from painting, he also photographs, draws, illustrates, and practices printmaking. Kofron seems to depict absence and memory through fluttery white brushstrokes. 


Kofron currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.



Conrad Kofron - Untitled (Photo Collage)


Conrad Kofron - Untitled (Behead Those Who Insult Islam)



Conrad Kofron- Untitled (Tinkleface)


Conrad Kofron - Untitled (Baby Costume)

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  • Tracy

    These are beautiful. Especially the one with the rubbed out face. I would love to see a series of either more portraits or more collage.

  • zdenek kofron

    ahoj conrad, delas cest nasemu jmenu. je to vinikajici . drzim palce. ahoj z. kofron