Help B/D Pick a Theme!

In case you haven’t heard, the new, limited edition book-format B/D will be specially themed moving forward! Each issue will cohesively incorporate a chosen theme within all aspects of the book– from editorial, to featured artists, to the design and layout of the mag itself.

Here’s the best part: we wanted to open up the forum to all of you devoted readers! If we pick yours, we will send you one of our new books with your theme free of charge!

Some ideas us here at B/D have come up with are “Art & Commerce,” “Digital Domains,” “Rules are Made to be Broken,” to name a few. The themes you choose should be open enough to encapsulate a wide variety of contemporary expressions, but no so loose that just about anything could go into it. Examples of things that are too loosy goosy: “Figurative Painting,” “Artists of 2009,” “Skulls,” things that are way too specific: “Artists that use root beer as paint,” “Performance art in Central Park,” “Guys that incorporate mustaches into their imagery.”

You get the idea- so send away, we’re excited to hear from you! Please leave your ideas for book themes in the comments section of this post.

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  • computer myths

  • I am digging the them “Rules are made to be Broken.”

  • Amir

    if you got more ideas let us know… we want our readers to suggest themes…. It’s your chance to take part in the creation of the magazine.

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  • Yeah I am totally trying to think of some more ideas. I am so stoked that I subscribed to the zine. Helped spread the word about pickin’ a theme too:

  • Ooo — just thought of one… Evolution and Art.

  • Ralph

    one person’s trash is another’s treasure.


    shit has hit the fan.

  • Fei

    Corey- Thanks for posting our cry for help (lol) on your blog!

    Ralph- I’m really curious what “shit has hit the fan” would look like, in terms of artwork, haha.



  • Matt Steinbrecher

    A Static/Changing America (Have recent events led to dramatic change? Or is American today only a hyped-up version of the last presidential reign?)

  • Amir

    those are all great… keep them coming!

  • nathan danilowicz

    Art and Crime

    ” A painting (you can change this to “Art”) is a thing which requires as much cunning, rascality, and viciousness as the perpetration of a crime.

    -Edgar Degas

    Certainly street art addresses this, as well as controversial performances, the paintings of John Wayne Gacy, artists who steal materials/supplies so that they can make their art, filmmakers that are borderline criminal such as Werner Herzog, Roman Polanski, and Alejandro Jodorowsky, museum art theft, black market sales, the relationship between prostitutes and portrait painters, the list goes on and on…get crackin’! I want a free mag!

  • annie

    Rock ‘n Roll. And I have some artists for you too, Amir!

  • Peggye Marks

    OK, I’ll play. Here are some:
    – Survival of the Freakiest
    – Brainiac
    – Crack for Brains
    – Illustriart
    – Canvassing America
    – Good to Be New Again
    – Re-Inventing the Zine
    – Zine-o-phobia
    – Zine In Translation

  • I dig the topics Art and Crime & Illustriart.

    Another one I came up with Youth and Art.

  • here goes:

    art after the web
    human and animal
    nature and environment
    appropriation as art
    shifting paradigms in art
    traditional vs new media
    on the forefront

    i’ll think of some others…

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  • Thales

    Masks and Disguises
    The New pop in the age of the internet

  • i dig q w gorbott’s “art after the web, human and animal, nature and environent”

  • all of these are way too much on the loosey side. maybe somebody can tighten them up.

    -being wrong
    -always being right
    -ghost town
    -colored in
    -fancy feast
    -highly practiced gyrations

  • pedro freenandes

    the futuristic drawing

  • “highly practiced gyrations,” ha!

  • “Right on Time”
    “Type Set”
    “Group Therapy”
    “Burning at Both Ends”
    “Aesthetic Wipes”
    “Natural Selection”
    “Seasonal Items”

  • boys and girls doing more than just eachother