Undoubtably maybe the best kindergarten south of heaven?

Kashiwa Sato’s identity system for Fuji Kindergarten is probably the cutest AND awesome-est piece of branding I have seen for a while… but maybe that could be the heart-melting candid photos of the totally adorable toddlers running around. Who knows, if I had begun my educational journey here instead, maybe I would have turned out to be a whole different human being… I think this kindergarten is the equivalent of theĀ High School #9 for the Visual and Performing Arts by architect firm Coop Himmelblau because of the complete wholeness the design + architecture. Just looking at it makes me want to learn (!!)

His website is also a Flash masterpiece…though at times a navigational challenge.

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  • Ahhhh! kawaii!
    I went to a Japanese kindergarten called “Nomura School.” It was pretty cute. I still remember “Sakura, sakura, yayoi no sora wa…..” There was some prayer we said too, now I can’t remember it because the last line was something like “eta dokimas” but we all said “eat a donkey man!” Kidz. Man, does anyone know that thing?!