Eastside Angelinos are probably familiar with the dead-end leading to an overpass in Chinatown on Yale Street (I know I’ve made the repeated mistake? miraculous discovery? of turning onto Yale and thinking it was a through street many a times)- but less have probably seen it used for anything not related to shady drug deals (can anyone confirm this assumption?).


Get Rid of White Walls Collective is focused on bringing fine art out of galleries and into non-traditional spaces: public, domestic, industrial, nautical, etc. These events are meant to reveal the unique identity of these sites to the surrounding public, offering a place of public interaction via the provocation of the urban landscape.



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  • DREW

    OMG, OMG. Love it.

  • thank you!

  • Fei


    Yeah! I think it’s really awesome they did something like that- kind of invading the seldom used public space, and making that personal.

    Nina B,

    You’re welcome!

  • Alex


    Thats where I buy drugs!

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