David Kassan’s Uncanny Likeness

David Kassan paints with the uncanny mimetic virtuosity of Old Masters, verging on the photographic- though his subjects, rather than regal dukes, bejeweled empresses or wealthy patrons, are far less posed, pompous and assuming. Kassan often situates his sitters within the detritus of layered, urban walls, creating a striking reference to past masters while bringing their ideals into the vision of a decidedly contemporary eye.

Kassan will be exhibiting his works March 12- April 4th at Henoch Gallery.

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Learning Landscape Math Playground

Project H designers Heleen De Goey and Dan Grossman have completed the construction of the first Learning Landscape math playground at the Kutamba School for AIDS Orphans in Southern Uganda. After nearly 3 weeks on site, they have finished the grid’s construction, and have been tirelessly working with the teachers and students on the implementation and adaptation of the games: “Around The World,” “Match Me,” and others, which teach elementary math concepts. The playground even integrates a bench system for added functionality as outdoor seating or assembly space. 


Amazing! Shapes and forms manifest into spatial learning tools. A nice step away from the flatness of textbooks and computer screens. If only there were more of these in the States.


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Osmosis TV & Beautiful/Decay Present Robbie Conal!

Artist Profile: Robbie Conal from By Osmosis TV on Vimeo.

Beautiful/Decay teamed up with By Osmosis TV to create a unique video artist profile on Robbie Conal. Conal’s searing political caricatures fuse iconography and symbols from pop culture, current media and his own imagination. We are frequent collaborators with Robbie- most recently he contributed a beautiful skeleton-dance glitter painting to our current retrospective show, “Beautiful/Decay: A to Z.” You can see Robbie working on the piece in his studio in the video– as well as discussing his artwork and philosophy! We’re thrilled to be working with By Osmosis on a number of upcoming projects, including another artist profile, as well as a piece on the history of Beautiful/Decay magazine. If you’re unfamiliar with By Osmosis, they are a boutique production company, specializing in profiling innovative creatives.

Interview: UFEX

UFEX is a digital design collective comprised of Mikkel Møller Andersen and Kasper Fjederholt, based out of London and Copenhagen respectively. They recently opened an exhibition/collaborative show with Bora Tanay at Artary Off Space February 14th–dealing with “extemporaneous human sculptures” that subsequently explore the different aspects of “modern social constructions.” UFEX often create “analog” sculptures that are photographed and constructed in a way to make them appear inexplicably digital. Their series, “Eyes, Ears, Mouth,” is a fascinating example of sculpture that straddles the liminal and collapsable worlds of real/digital, handmade/photoshopped, showing that perhaps the boundaries are not as concrete as we thought. The result are hilarious meditations that push the boundaries of “reality,” authenticity and the absurd.

Beautiful/Decay: Pool Tradeshow Post Game Wrap-up

Thanks again to everyone who came out to check out our booth at Pool. We were pleasantly surprised to see a number of buyers reppin’ the B/D gear! More shots of our booth and the lovely people who stopped by after the jump!


Photo Contest Champs

Thanks everybody for sending in the photos! You are all beautiful people AND sharp dressers! Heres some glamour shots of the contest winners …

Wooden Folk Studio

Hey look at all these wooden folks. I can’t get enough of these little guys. More please!